Advanced digital banking

19 Jun, 2024

Ancoria Bank’s digital banking services were presented in a special feature of Insider magazine.

Ancoria Bank offers sophisticated digital banking services with transparency and professionalism, allowing its customers to manage their finances easily and conveniently. Since its establishment, the bank has made significant investments in technology, providing products and services that meet modern needs. myAncoria online banking, available via mobile device and computer, offers a fully digital experience for individuals and businesses, allowing immediate and secure service without visiting the Banking Centres.

Through the myAncoria app, the user can open their first account with us and manage their finances safely. The bank’s top priority is security in transactions and in the use of its products and services. That is why through myAncoria its customers can report the theft/loss of their debit card, deactivate/activate it and cancel it. Also, by flipping their mobile they can hide their balance and by “shaking” it they can disconnect from the application. Among others, additional useful services are offered for customers in terms of transactions, such as sending, requesting, and also receiving money directly from contacts.

Ancoria Bank also provides Digital Loans, facilitating applications for personal loans without collateral (myLo@n) and overdraft limit (myOverdr@ft) through the myAncoria application, making the process fast and secure using an advanced electronic signature. In addition, the bank offers the option of opening Fixed Term Deposit Accounts remotely, offering competitive interest rates for long-term savings.

Expanding its digital presence, Ancoria Bank now offers a new consumer product in Greece; the Microloan for the Payment of Annual Road Tax, accessible through the wallet+ platform of Hellas Direct. The bank relies on advanced technology and the use of APIs to automatically evaluate and approve applications, strengthening its digital strategy without a physical presence in the country.

Ancoria Bank’s online banking experience evolves based on global developments as well as consumer demands, successfully meeting technological challenges while keeping an eye on the future. The bank’s award-winning services and products, as well as its dedicated team of professionals, meet the demands of the public earning their trust by redefining the banking experience.

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