We increased our deposit rates

1 Mar, 2023

We actively support our individual and business customers by increasing our deposit rates. Staying true to our philosophy of redefined banking and monitoring the socio-economic changes, we pave the way by offering our existing and potential customers higher returns on their deposits.

Τhe increase in loan interest rates by the European Central Bank and its impact, is followed by a corresponding increase in deposit rates. Now is the time to avoid negative or zero interest rates, by offering returns to the depositors, whilst not threatening the financial stability.

From the beginning of our operation, we pay special attention to the needs of consumers and keep up with the trends of the global market. Through our hybrid model, where physical and digital services coexist harmoniously, we have managed to become a reliable financial partner to our customers, both individuals and businesses, building long-term relationships.

More information on the revised deposit rates, which have already come into effect, as well as terms and conditions, can be found here for individuals and businesses.