Digital Loans from Ancoria Bank

14 Apr, 2022

We are a challenger bank that stays true to our vision of providing better and higher quality service to our clients with transparency and integrity and we innovate once more redefining banking presenting our new award-winning (Greece and Cyprus) consumer Digital Loans.

The application for a personal loan or overdraft changes and is now made through a fully digital and simple process. Our clients can apply for myLo@n (personal loan) or myOverdr@ft (overdraft), according to their needs and preferred repayment method, through the also award-winning myAncoria, our mobile/web banking, that is available on mobile application and personal computer.

The process is fully digital and there is no need to visit any banking centre. The relevant documents are provided through myAncoria and, if the application is approved, the contracts will be signed with advanced electronic signature. The two lending products will be granted to our customers in accordance with our terms and procedures for granting credit facilities.

It’s the first time that a fully digital lending service, which can be completed through a mobile/web banking service, is presented in Cyprus. The experience of our team in using cutting-edge technology has allowed the creation of new and innovative products, always being guided by providing safe and quality service to our customers.