Mobile Banking

Banking made simple
Take mobile banking to the next level with the award-winning myAncoria app. Open your first account with us and manage your finances anytime, anywhere, all in one app, that's hassle-free, practical and easy to use.






  • Download the application on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Have the documents available (Cyprus identification card, utility bill with your current address on it)
  • Take a selfie video so that we can verify your identity, fill in all the necessary information needed and sign your documents electronically
  • You will receive your debit card by mail and your online banking credentials electronically

* The Bank may request additional documentation and information for “Know Your Customer” (KYC) purposes. The application to open an account is subject to the approval of the Bank.


  • Choose myLo@n (personal loan) or myOverdr@ft (overdraft) depending on your needs and your repayment preferences
  • Open a Fixed Term Deposit Account and choose the duration that suits you best
  • You don’t have to visit the bank, not even for signing the contracts in case your application is approved


  • Set and monitor your monthly or yearly budgets, per category
  • View your spending analysis and visualize impact
  • Set overspending alerts to make sure you do not go over your budget
  • Make adjustments to keep up with your initial budget and stay on top of your finances


  • Use Fingerprint or Face Recognition* to easily transfer funds
  • Transfer money to anyone in your Contact List: Ancoria Bank customers, who have consented, are automatically displayed. For everyone else you can enter their details only once and they can be stored for future use
  • Use the app to take photos and make notes to keep track of your transfers and what they are for

* Fingerprint and Face Recognition are only available on the mobile app


  • View all your transactions as far back as the day you signed up as an Ancoria Bank customer
  • Automatic categorization of your financials for easy viewing
  • Change category or allocate to multiple categories
  • Easily manage expenses by taking in-app photos of your purchases or receipts and adding notes
  • Keep track of total amounts spent at specific merchants


  • If you misplaced your card** and want to make sure it won’t be used, you can deactivate it temporarily, and reactivate it at a later date through the myAncoria app
  • Easily report your card lost or stolen
  • Cancel damaged, lost or stolen cards
  • Order a new PIN and receive it immediately via SMS


  • Download and save your account statements
  • Request a chequebook
  • Stop cheque payments
  • Download IBAN certificates


Customers using the myAncoria mobile app can sign in via Fingerprint  or Face Recognition for added security

myAncoria is constantly evolving.

Stay tuned for more features that will help you manage your money with ease.

** The Ancoria Bank Mastercard® Debit Card is issued by IPS Solutions Ltd pursuant an affiliate license by Mastercard International Incorporated. IPS Solutions Ltd is registered in Cyprus HE 346719 Registered Office: 62 Athalassas, Office 101, 2023, Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus. IPS Solutions Ltd is an authorised Electronic Money Institution, licensed, registered, and supervised by Central Bank of Cyprus with license number Your Ancoria Bank Mastercard Debit Card is governed by the General Terms and Conditions of Ancoria Bank Ltd. Your debit card will access the available balance in your Ancoria Bank current account. Ancoria Bank Ltd is licensed, registered, and supervised by the Central Bank of Cyprus with license number

Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

If you have an approved bank account, you can easily close it by following the steps below:

  • Log in to myAncoria
  • Navigate to “Security”
  • Under “Important Information,” select “Close my account(s)”
  • A representative of the Bank will contact you for additional details

If you have an application in progress for a new bank account, you can request to delete your personal data at any time by emailing or contacting our Customer Service.

More information related to how and why the Bank processes your personal data can be found here.

Ancoria Bank Ltd manages myAncoria, our online and mobile banking service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mobile banking?

Mobile banking is when you use your mobile device to make financial transactions through an application. Ancoria Bank’s mobile application is myAncoria.

What is the difference between mobile and online banking?

Online banking lets you manage your banking needs on any device with internet access without having to download an application, whereas mobile banking requires for a banking application to be downloaded.

Which is safer online or mobile banking?

Mobile banking is considered to be safer than online banking because of the biometric (face and fingerprint recognition) log in options for accessing the app, making it harder for your account to be hacked.

How can I access myAncoria?

You can download it from the app stores (App Store, Google Play, Huawei AppGallery). You can also log in through a personal computer here. Before logging in, please make sure that you have your online banking credentials (username and password).

How do I activate Ancoria Bank’s mobile banking on my mobile phone?

Download the myAncoria app on your mobile phone. If you are not a customer, you can get your first account with us through the app and once your application is approved you will receive your banking credentials electronically. If you are already a customer, log in with your login details.

Where can I find my mobile banking credentials?

Once your application to open a current account is approved, we will send you your banking credentials (username and password) for myAncoria electronically.

I forgot my username, what should I do?

If you forget your username, please contact our Customer Service to help you.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

In you forget your password, you can reset it through the myAncoria app. Please note that you will need your username, access to the email address you provided and the mobile phone number you have registered with Ancoria Bank. Otherwise, you can contact our Customer Service for help.

Can I access my account in the myAncoria app on a different mobile device?

No. For security reasons, you can only access myAncoria through one mobile device.

What is biometric login?

Biometric login is a secure way to access myAcnoria and verify transactions using the facial or fingerprint identification that has been saved to your mobile device.

How can I enable biometric login?

You can enable the biometric login through “Security” in the myAncoria app. However, first make sure that your mobile device supports either fingerprint or facial recognition.

I changed my mobile phone number, what should I do?

There is no need to worry, if you changed your mobile phone number. You can change your personal information through the myAncoria app.

I lost my phone, what should I do?

Contact Customer Service immediately to secure your account. Always log out or close the app when you’re done. You can log out of the myAncoria app by shaking your phone; just enable this feature in the ‘Security’ settings.

What accounts can I access through myAncoria?

You can access your personal accounts (Current Account, Savings Account, Fixed Term Deposit Accounts and Loan Accounts) as well as your business account with the same account credentials.

What can I do through the myAncoria app?

  • Get your first Ancoria Bank Current Account without going to the Bank, through the myAncoria app.
  • Open a Fixed Term Deposit Account
  • Apply for a Digital Loan (myLo@n and myOverdr@ft)\
  • Manage your card (activate/deactivate, report lost/stolen)
  • Update your personal information
  • Set your budget
  • Check account balance
  • Transfer money
  • Pay a contact
  • Request money from a contact
  • Contact Customer Service

* Stay tuned for more features that will be included in the myAncoria app.

What devices are compatible with myAncoria app?

You can download myAncoria on any iOS, Android 8+ or HarmonyOS device from the App Store, Play Store, or AppGallery.

Can I install the myAncoria app on more than one device?

No. For security reasons, you can only access myAncoria through one mobile device.