Perspectives for 2024 in the world of Artificial Intelligence by Nikolas Prentzas

16 Jan, 2024

In his article in Economy Today, Nikolas Prentzas, Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer of Ancoria Bank, talks about the prospects and challenges that the banking sector will face in 2024 stating that a development in the field of technology is anticipated, especially concerning Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, investing in new technologies is critical to ensuring employee and customer satisfaction.

Moreover, he notes that the rise of this technology poses new requirements, such as training in ‘prompt engineering’ techniques, in order to better understand the possibilities and the related risks of these tools. Against these challenges, Ancoria Bank continues to upgrade its digital services and products while maintaining its customer-centric approach.

According to Mr. Prentzas, the challenge for Ancoria Bank, and the banking sector in general, is to create a friendly and safe environment, using cutting-edge technologies. The aim is to give the opportunity to every customer to manage their finances at an understandable level, without the need to delve into complex banking terminology.

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