Ancoria Bank’s Corporate Services

11 May, 2021

Ancoria Bank is featured in the latest issue of Insider in a special about Corporate Banking. In the article Ancoria Bank’s business services and products are presented in detail, as well as its various schemes on assisting a company to reach its goals.

Ancoria Bank aims to provide quality customer service and build long-term relationships by offering a full spectrum of banking products. As a modern challenger bank, it blends physical and digital services harmoniously, allowing customers to choose their preferred banking experience.

With a focus on businesses, Ancoria Bank supports local enterprises, offering customized loans for capital investments and liquidity needs. Despite unprecedented challenges, the bank has maintained a zero non-performing loan portfolio, demonstrating its commitment to responsible lending.

Ancoria Bank provides a comprehensive range of banking products and services for businesses, including loans, current accounts, trade services, and term deposits. Leveraging technology, it offers user-friendly electronic solutions through its myAncoria online banking platform.

For businesses engaged in imports and exports, Ancoria Bank facilitates trade transactions with services such as document management and issuance of guarantees and letters of credit.

Through professionalism, transparency, and efficient use of technology, Ancoria Bank has redefined banking practices, earning the trust of the business community and fostering stable, long-lasting relationships.

You can read the whole article here.