Nicolas Prentzas

Nicolas Prentzas

Nicolas was initially COO until September 2019, when he acquired the position of Deputy CEO & COO and also joined the Bank’s Board of Directors as an executive member.

He started his career in 2001 at Bank of Cyprus, holding various roles relating to the development of the Bank’s Retail Banking business. Having a strong technical and business background, he set up and led a team working in data analytics and helping develop the Bank’s CRM strategy. Nicolas then moved on internally to work on the Bank’s new entry into markets abroad, helping set up operations in Russia, Ukraine and Romania.

Passionate for technology, Nicolas worked outside the Banking sector for 3 years as an IT Manager of one of the largest trading groups in Cyprus, returning to Banking at cdbbank initially as O&M Manager and later holding the role of IT and O&M Manager.

Education: He holds an MPhil in Management Studies from Cambridge University and an MA and BA in Computer Science also from Cambridge University.