Sievert Larsson

Sievert Larsson

Sievert Larsson completed his studies and pursued his professional career as programmer and IT specialist with the Swedish Ball Bearing Factory (SKF Ltd), until 1977. From that point on, Sievert Larsson and his business partner, Roger Akelius, founded and ran several successful companies. In 1984, the two business partners created a tax calculation program specifically designed for Swedish taxation and the latest versions of it are still being used today. In 1987, the two partners started an insurance company in Cyprus, which was renamed as Ancoria Insurance after Sievert acquired Roger’s shares in the company.

Ancoria Insurance Public Ltd, offers savings and investment products under a Life Policy. Sievert served as the company’s first President and has been a member of the Board of Directors ever since.

In 2007, he donated all of his shares in Ancoria Insurance to the Sievert Larsson Scholarship Foundation. All profit from the insurance company has since been used for charitable purposes.

Education: In-house school of SKF Ltd for its future employees.