Amendments of the General Terms and Conditions of Ancoria Bank

9 Jul, 2019

At Ancoria Bank we always want to keep you informed on any changes or developments that concern you.

This is why we would like to let you know that the General Terms and Conditions of Ancoria Bank will be updated as of 14 September 2019. The update is in reference to the introduction of new terms, which are established with our new mobile app myAncoria.

For ease of reference, please find below the sections where the amendments are made:

  1. Section A – General > Definitions and General provisions – the definitions “Authentication and Authorisation Mechanism”, “Face ID”, “Fingerprint”, “Mechanisms”, “Mobile Payments”, “One Time Password”, “Payment Instrument”, “Personal Identification Number”, “User ID” and “Touch ID” will be added or amended.
  2. Section C – Terms for the provision of Payment Services > Condition 5.9 will be revised.
  3. Section D – Terms of use of Online Banking Services > Conditions 1,2,5,6 and 8 will be revised.

To view the updated General Terms & Conditions please click to select between English or Greek (Ελληνικά).

The proposed amendments to the General Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to have been accepted by you unless you notify the Bank in writing of your disagreement before the 14/09/2019. In case of disagreement, you are entitled to terminate your agreement with Ancoria Bank under the General Terms and Conditions before the proposed variations come to force.

For any clarifications you may have please contact us on 8000 0050 or +357 22849000 (Mon.-Thur. 08:15-17:00, Fr. 08:15-14:00).