Women’s role in society and the work force

8 Mar, 2024

In an Economy Today feature magazine focusing on International Women’s Day, Martha Coustai, Head of the Risk Management Function at Ancoria Bank, reflects on the progress of gender equality in Cyprus and highlights the stereotypes that may hinder women’s professional advancement. While there has been a notable increase in women’s participation in the work force, particularly in diverse roles, Martha observes that women still hold fewer managerial positions in certain organisations.

Moreover, she highlights that the significance of International Women’s Day should be recognised as a tribute to the ongoing struggles for women’s rights worldwide. In the article, Martha expresses that various measures should be implemented to address discrimination of women’s rights in the workplace, including educational initiatives, legal reforms, enhanced representation of women in leadership positions, and internal assessments within organisations.

Regarding the role of women in contemporary society, Martha characterises it as multidimensional, acknowledging their contributions across various aspects of life.

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