Launched for the very first time in Cyprus, an innovative service for all. Become our customer without visiting the bank!

30 Jun, 2017

Ancoria Bank is offering an innovative bank account opening service where the prospective customer does not have to physically visit the bank to open an account. This service is being introduced in Cyprus for the very first time.

We are constantly working on creating services and products that are in sync with the contemporary way of life. With a fresh communication campaign we have now launched our new service, which is aimed at those who want to become customers to a new Cyprus bank that respects them and their time.

The account opening service is supported by the Ancoria Bank Create mobile app where the user can quickly and easily complete the account opening application process. What is needed is a mobile phone, an ID card, a proof of permanent address and the Ancoria Bank Create mobile app.

Through the app the user can also set-up a meeting with a bank representative who will meet them at a place and a time the user has chosen so that we can deliver everything that they will need for their account without any cost. The application to open an account is subject to the approval of the Bank.

Our primary goal has always been to provide the best possible service to our clients. With a mission to earn customers’ trust by redefining banking, we are combining technology with a total commitment to building rewarding relationships and delivering suitable products, effectively and efficiently. Once again we are fully supporting our mission.