Ancoria Bank, consistently committed to its team and customers, has been accredited with the Sound Industrial Relations 2014 (SIR 2014) Model

21 Feb, 2018

Ancoria Bank has been successfully certified with the Sound Industrial Relations 2014 (SIR 2014) Model. The Model forms part of the Healthy Industrial Relations-Contemporary Enterprises project, which is co-funded by the Republic of Cyprus and the European Social Fund of the EU. This Model is an important tool for consolidating, understanding, and properly implementing and practicing the Cyprus Labour Law in local enterprises and organisations.

The certification is an independent confirmation of Ancoria Bank’s strong commitment to promoting a creative working environment and healthy working relationships for its team. The Bank’s philosophy, which is based on its principles and values, is to offer a pleasant working environment to its employees, where they can feel secure and respected, thus building a positive attitude, which can be further communicated and projected to the bank’s customers.  In addition, the certification is a recognition of the ongoing effort, dedication and investment that the Bank puts into its team. The Ancoria Bank team has been set from the start as the key to success. The team is formed by both experienced professionals in financial services with solid know-how of the domestic market, as well as by young graduates who want to kick-start their career in a modern banking institution which can offer them career prospects.

The bank received the certification of the Sound Industrial Relations 2014 (SIR 2014) Model after being assessed by an external evaluator on its policies, practices and procedures in the following five areas:

  • Implementation and promotion of sound (healthy) industrial relations
  • Health and safety at the workplace
  • Labour Law and human resource management
  • Equality at the workplace and prevention of harassment
  • Work-life balance

From the beginning, Ancoria Bank has focused in applying best practices in the area of human resources and this certification has further secured the bank’s alignment with the national Labour Law.