Ancoria Bank grants its first digital loans

29 Dec, 2021

Ancoria Bank’s team, who developed and presented first in Cyprus the award-winning mobile application Ancoria Bank Create for remote bank account opening in 2017, innovates once again.

Firmly following its motto, Banking Redefined, and keeping up with the trends and needs in the banking sector combined with the rapid changes in social and professional contacts that have taken place due to the pandemic, presents its first digital consumer loans.

Ancoria Bank, as an agile and competitive bank, developed the digital lending products, myLo@n and myOverdr@ft, for amounts of up to €2,000. Ancoria Bank has already entered a new era by granting its first digital myLo@ns to its customers. These new products will soon be available to every customer of the Bank.

If an Ancoria Bank customer wishes to apply for any of the above products, they will not have to visit one of its Banking Centres in order to fill in the application and provide the necessary papers. This can be done through Ancoria Bank’s web/mobile banking service, myAncoria. In the cases of application approval, the relevant contracts and papers will be signed with advanced electronic signature, without the need of any physical presence at Ancoria Bank.

Information about the digital lending products myLo@n and myOverdr@ft will soon be available to Ancoria Bank’s customers.

The products will be granted to customers in accordance with Ancoria Bank’s terms and procedures for granting credit facilities.