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Our commercial and business mortgages will help you fund your new premises or repair your existing location, start fresh with a new plot of land or repay existing commercial mortgages from other banks. Whatever your business needs, Ancoria Bank Business Mortgages have you covered.


For specific terms on the Ancoria Bank Business Mortgages, please contact us for assistance.

Flexibility options:


Up to two years Grace Period on capital (this means you only need to pay the interest during this period)


Choose between an immediate or gradual disbursement of the amount financed, depending on the progress of works


You can choose to repay your loan earlier than your agreed repayment schedule, partially or fully

*In case of early loan repayments, there is the possibility of a prepayment fee. See the relevant formula in our Commissions and Charges table

What securities or other requirements are requested for a Business Mortgage?

First mortgage over the financed property

Life insurance policy on the key person of the company

Fire and earthquake insurance over the mortgaged property
Any other security or guarantee as required by the Bank

Additional information:


Initial charges:

  • A processing fee of 1% of the amount of the facility, with a minimum fee of €150, will be charged at the opening of the facility
  • Documentation fees of €100 are applicable to all facilities (Micro, SMEs, Corporate)
  • For more information about our charges, you can view our Commissions and Charges table

For more information contact us

Warning: If you fail to meet your loan repayment plan secured by mortgage, your home/property may be repossessed.
Warning: There are charges for early loan repayment (Find out more on the links: Commissions and charges & Prepayment penalty for fixed rate loans).
Warning: In case of variable interest rates, the installment amount and total cost of the facility may increase or decrease depending on variations in the base rate.

Disclaimer: Ancoria Bank Ltd may at its choice, reject an application/business relationship for legal, regulatory or other reasons and withdraw or amend any plan, at any time.

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What you need to have

Required documentation:


  • Passport or National Identity card
  • Original recent utility bill (less than 6 months old) / OR statement of EEA bank / OR local authority tax bill / OR house insurance


  • Copy of a valid ID / Passport certified as a true copy by a state authority
  • If you are temporarily residing in Cyprus and are a non-EU national, please supply a copy of your Temporary Residence Permit
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