myAncoria: Internet banking made simple

27 Nov, 2023

Internet banking is made simple with the myAncoria app. Whether through your mobile phone, tablet, or personal computer, you will find everything you need to manage your finances with ease and comfort.

From opening an Account, applying for a Digital Loan or creating a Fixed Term Deposit Account, you will find everything you need and more in just one app. And let’s not forget the icing on the cake: that you won’t need to visit one of our banking centers in Nicosia, Limassol or Larnaca as everything can be done through myAncoria.

Open an Account: Start your banking journey with ease

Through the myAncoria app, you can get your own Ancoria Bank account simply, easily and quickly. All you need is an ID, a utility bill in your name, a selfie video and you’re good to go. Your debit card will be sent to you by post and the codes for internet banking electronically.
* The Bank may request additional documentation and information for “Know Your Customer” (KYC) purposes. The application to open an account is subject to the approval of the Bank.

Digital Services: Without coming to the bank

Choose myLo@n (personal loan) or myOverdr@ft (overdraft limit), depending on your needs and the repayment method you prefer, and if approved, you will sign the contracts electronically, through internet banking, without ever setting foot in the bank. Also, open a Digital Fixed Term Deposit Account and choose the duration that suits your needs with comfort and ease.

Transactions: Manage your finances

In myAncoria you can see all your transactions from the day you became an Ancoria Bank customer. Your transactions are automatically categorized and you have the option to change categories or assign them to more than one. Also, take a photo of your purchases or receipts and take notes, for even easier financial management.

Budget: Manage your expenses

That trip you want to go on or that big purchase you want to make isn’t a fantasy movie script. With the Budgeting service from Ancoria Bank’s internet banking, you can set and monitor your monthly or annual budget, as well as see the breakdown of your expenses. At the same time, you have the possibility to activate notifications, for when you exceed the limit you set, so you can be sure that you will not go over your budget.

Money transfers: Time is not for wasting

Transfer money to anyone in your contact list on your mobile phone. Ancoria Bank customers who have given their consent are automatically displayed. For the rest you can put in their details the first time and they will be saved for future use.

Manage your card: Safety above all

If you’ve lost your card and want to make sure it won’t be used, you can temporarily deactivate it and activate it again when you find it, through the myAncoria app. At the same time, with the push of a button you can easily report if your card is lost or stolen and cancel it. And in case you forgot your card’s PIN, you can request it through internet banking and it will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS.

Download the myAncoria app and open your first account at Ancoria Bank today!