Eco Loans

Eco Electric Car Loan

An electric car is the best way to contribute in protecting the environment in your everyday life, and also save money.


Up to €50,000

Up to 80% of the purchase value of the car



Interest rates on loans vary according to the contribution. View interest rates



APR is calculated based on the representative example shown below


1 – 7 years

Flexibility options:


The Eco Electric Car Loan is available only for new electric vehicles

You can choose to repay your loan earlier than your agreed repayment schedule, partially or fully*

*In case of early loan repayments, there is the possibility of a prepayment fee. See the relevant formula in our Commissions and Charges table

What securities are requested for an Eco Electric Car Loan?

The purchased vehicle

Insurance for the new car


Life insurance policy on the borrower

Any other security or guarantee as required by the Bank

Additional information:


Initial charges:

  • A processing fee of 1% of the amount of the facility, with a minimum fee of €50, will be charged at the opening of the facility
  • Documentation fees of €50 are applicable to all facilities for individuals that are less than or equal to €30,000, and €80 documentation fees for facilities for individuals that are greater than €30,000
  • For more information on our charges, you can view our Commissions and Charges table

In order to be eligible, borrowers must fulfill all Ancoria Bank internal credit risk criteria


You can view all rates here



Loan falling under the Credit Agreements for Consumers Relating to Residential Immovable Property Law 2017:    You have the right to withdraw from the credit agreement, within five (5) working days from its conclusion, without penalty and without justification, unless you proceed with the disbursement of any amount that is the subject matter of the credit agreement before the expiry of these five (5) working days to exercise this right

Loan falling under the Credit Agreements for Consumers Law 2010: You have the right, without stating any reasons, to withdraw from the loan agreement within fourteen (14) days from its signing or from the receipt of the terms of the loan agreement, in case that this follows the signing of the agreement

Representative example:

At Ancoria Bank, we want to make sure you have all the information you need at all times. We’ve provided a representative example, that you can use as a guide.


















**APR (Annual Percentage Rate) has been calculated on 08/07/2024 and is based on the following information:

  • Interest Rate: BBRC as at 08/07/2024 was 3.48% + margin 2.45%
  • Loan amount of €30,000
  • Loan term of 7 years
  • Initial charges: Processing fees of 1% charged on facility amount (€300) and documentation fees of €80
  • Other initial charges: €41 (stamp duty fees)
  • Assignment of Life Insurance, Artemis report and Car Insurance have not been taken into consideration for this calculation

Warning: If you fail to meet your loan repayment plan, you may lose your home or other property.
Warning: There are charges for early loan repayment (Find out more at the links: Commissions and charges & Prepayment penalty for fixed rate loans).
Warning: In case of variable interest rates, the instalment amount and total cost of the facility may increase or decrease depending on variations in the base rate.

Disclaimer: Ancoria Bank Ltd may at its choice, reject an application/business relationship for legal, regulatory or other reasons and withdraw or amend any plan, at any time. The granting of credit facilities is subject to the granting of security acceptable to the Bank. In certain cases, the offer which Ancoria Bank Ltd may make, may differ, following an assessment of your personal financial and other circumstances.

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